Another Era

KeroseneandBottles.jpgFriendsTilTheEnd.jpgTheRightReverendColonel.jpgTheBoysfor the web.jpgthe young soldier-2.jpgthe cigar.jpgFirst Love_-8.jpgYeah thats right-1-2.jpgA Doc The Minstral and the Shootist-1.jpgA little scary-1.jpgAnother time -1.jpgBad boy iodine-1.jpgc85-Sweet face 2-1.jpgCabin and the horseback rider-1.jpgCheckered past 2-1-2.jpgCrossing the bridge 3-1.jpgDocs place-1.jpgElixirs to save your soul 2-1.jpgHe is on a mission 2-1.jpgHe plays his horn well-1.jpgHorns and beer bottles -1.jpgJoseph-1.jpgPlaying some music-1.jpgShe listens-1.jpgShe was his friend-1.jpgSweet face-1-2.jpgThe banjo resides-1-2.jpgThe boys-1.jpgThe influence of strangers-1.jpgThe past is here-1.jpg